My first smartTV app has been landed in Samsung App Store

It is 8tracks player, replica of 8tracks.com. Without login capability. Currently it’s available in the US, but hopefully next release will unlock Hungary and even all the European regions also.

I am a kind of introvert guy, but I would like to tell you that I am very happy with the first version of this app and I am proud of myself cuz I did it all by myself. Let me share a few details related to the project.

Used technologies

  • Samsung smartTV SDK/API
  • Backbone
  • Backbone.paginator
  • Underscore
  • Node
  • LESS
  • json2
  • Handlebar templates

First screenshot of the player

More from the first weeks:

First life-sign from 8tracks API

First run in LG smartTV emulator

Very first track played from 8tracks API

First filtered mixes view

First mix-view with HTML5 Audio player as fallback for testing the app in Chrome

Succesfully implemented event-bus mediator pattern to communicate btw views and models

Just having a hard time with the emulator

Mixes view with an early face

Mix view first touches

Main menu view in progress

Added: progress-bar on top and some layout changes

Almost the final layout

Search tags view layout first preview

Navigation helper icons in progress

Some pics of the smartTV w/ the app

App installed

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