Grunt task example for assetGraph-sprite

grunt.registerTask('dopamineSprite', 'Collects sprite images with assetgraph', function() {
	var done = this.async();
	var AssetGraph = require('assetgraph');
	new AssetGraph({
		root: 'build/app'
		.populate({followRelations: {type: 'CssImage'}})
		.writeAssetsToDisc({type: 'Css'}, "file://temp/app/")
		.writeAssetsToDisc({type: 'Png'}, "file://temp/app/")
		.run(function (err) {
			if (err){
				grunt.log.error('Oops :( ', err);
				grunt.log.writeln('Building sprites done. Lovely <3');

I wrote this note because the documentation on github is not very self-explanatory. It took me a while to figure out the correct path setup for each parameter. The example above worked fine for me where all my css assets were at build/app and my target directory was temp/app. Note the backslashes at the end of paths.

This is just an example on how to implement a grunt task around assetGraph-sprite. The important thing is to wrap the task in an async way and call done() only in the callback function.

See more: github:assetgraph-sprite

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