ColumboJS inline-script loader

ColumboJS is a simple inline-script collector which executes scripts after dependencies loaded at footer for example.

There are several cases where you want to stick to load js libs at the end of the html but the backend framework cannot collect the component’s related js files instead they vomit them inline. With ColumboJS loader you can delay loading dependencies like the AMD way but it is more lightweight. Like a ponie. With wings.

Demo | GitHub

Nifty debug console


Usage example

    <script src="columbo.js"></script>
  <p> Some html</p>

    Columbo.add('Initialize tab view', function( $ ){  
      // Your component's script here

    Footer or whatever

        Columbo.add('Footer social share', function( $ ){  
          // Bind social icon's events or whatever


  <script src="load/jquery/here"></script>
  <script src="load/jquery/plugins/here"></script>

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