CoffeeScript compiler setup for WebStorm

0. Try to configure Node.js with coffe compiler parameters at “Run” > “Edit Configurations..” > “Node.js”. If you fail, move on to step 1.

1. Set up a compiler as an External Tool in Settings. Name the tool as whatever you want. In “Tool Settings” > “Parameters” add compiler parameters as you can see in fig#1. “Insert macro..” button opens a helpful window to choose between different directory parameters. If you want to compile only the opened file, choose $FilePath$. For all .coffee files in current directory choose $FileDir$. If you want to compile all .coffee files in the whole project directory select $ProjectFileDir$

cofffecompiler1 webstorm phpstorm jetbrains

2. Bind this compiler to a key that you love most or hit a random one for fun.

cofffecompiler2 webstorm phpstorm jetbrains

3. Hit F5 to compile.. Yaay!

Update: this article has been requested to be part of
the official documentation at jetbrains.com (WEB-6121)

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