Hello, my name is R2Fib3IgWnNvdGVy.

When did I start coding?

From the beginning of 2002 I started experimenting with different programming languages such as Borland Delphi, Visual Basic, PHP and other stuff like CGI, then I fell in love with web development.

I’ve been coding web applications since 2004. I started learning PHP with the very early version of WordPress (1.2 “Mingus”). My hometown’s council  hired me to develop and maintain their website (2004-2009). Later I dag myself into further learning PHP, Javascript, XHTML, CSS, Flash, WordPress and other frameworks such as prototype.js and script.aculo.us. I’ve also created a PHP framework to use it in my own projects. From 2006 I worked as a freelance front-end developer for different hungarian agencies. Two days after my MSc diploma, at Budapest University of Technology and EconomicsFactory Creative Studio hired me as a full-time front-end developer. 10 months later I changed to epam. Now I work as a freelancer for different agencies.

As an employee I collaborated on microsites for well-known companies and organizations like CERN, Hilton Hotels, dm Drogerie Markt, Garnier, AXN Channel, Rauch Gmbh, E.ON Energy and more.

Recently I’m interested in optimizing development workflow and SEO.

I’m happy now.

Interested in hiring me for your project?

Feel free to contact me: helo at this domain. I have only very limited availability. Before contacting me about work opportunities please make sure it meets the followings:

What apps/tools do I use on daily basis?

Can I find you on social sites?

What is zsitro.com made of?

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